Murda B (rapper) Age, Real Name, Height, Net Worth, Wiki & Bio (2024)

Murda Bwas born on October 12, 2004. She is anAmerican drill rap artist, popular TikTok star, and social media personality. She first came to the spotlight due to her videos on TikTok. But, she has recently joined the scene of drill rap. While she’s been making music for only several months, however, she has already made an image for herself. Please keep reading to find out everything about her age, her real name, height, Wiki, net worth, bio and body measurements, weight, family ethnicity, parents, siblings and more.

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Murda B Biography / Wiki

Born into the same American family located inNew York, USA,Murda B’s birthdayis celebrated on October 12. Her real name isn’t well-known, but her zodiac signs are Libra. She completed high school from an independent school located near her place of residence. We tried to discover information regarding her academic qualifications.

Real NameNot known
NicknameMurda B
ProfessionDrill rapper, Tiktok star, and social media personality
Age19 [as of 2023]
Date of BirthOctober 12, 2004
BirthplaceNew York, USA
HometownNew York, USA
Zodiac SignLibra
CollegeNot Known
HobbiesTraveling, Music
Famous ForMusic

The Murda B Boyfriend’s Parents and Siblings

Murda B’s marriage statusisnot married. In addition, her present situation isnot married. So, we know that she doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend or husband at the moment. In the past, she dated at most one person. In reality, she became a drill rapper when she decided to perform before her ex-boyfriend.

The ethnicity of her mother isdiverse(Brazilian-Puerto Rican), and her citizenship isAmerican. However, she’s not keen on sharing personal information. Therefore, we weren’t able to locate any information about her mother, father or her siblings.

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The Murda B age, height and Body Measurement

Murda B’s birthdayhas been set at18in 2022. The height of her is5 feet 7 inches,and her weight is about60 kilograms. Her eyes are brown, and she has blonde hair that is light brown. Her body measurement is33-27-35, while her size for shoes is 9.5 (US). In terms of her physical characteristics, she is beautiful in look and has a captivating personality.


Murda Bbegan her journey to becoming an internet celebrity through TikTok. She set up her own TikTok account with the username murdab64. Murda B began posting her videos in March 2021. She frequently uploaded beauty, dance, situational comedy and lip-sync clips on the application.

After a time, her videos started to get popular and eventually made it onto the page dedicated to you. This led to her getting hundreds of followers in a short time. At the moment, she has more than415k fansand5.9 million likes.

As a child, she played a variety of instruments, and she loved singing along. After being asked by a friend to try drill rapping, I decided to give it a go. Because of her incredible talent, she’s thought to be among the best rappers in the drill rap genre.

Her debut came with The trackintroductionon October 26, 2022. The single quickly became a hit and amassed hundreds of thousands of views within a few weeks. In just a month following making her public debut, she teamed with music stars Day Ryer and Eddy SB for the songthe track Notti Gang.

In the last few months, she’s dropped some more singles, including DND and Fashionable Girl and Go Dumb and more. The music videos from her original songs are available via a YouTube channel titled Raps & Hustles. After leaving her YouTube channel, she has no songs available via any other platform for streaming.

Murda B Net Worth

Murda’s wealthhas been estimated atapproximately $250,000(estimated). Her main earnings source is from music. Although she only got into the music industry recently, she has already released significant hits which help her earn a living from these songs. If she keeps releasing music in the same way, her earnings will reach seven figures by the year’s close.

Although she has a large fan base on social media, she mostly uses them to promote her music and engage with her followers.


  • She also mentioned Jenn Carter was her idol.
  • She is supervised by a particular person calleddizzayyy.
  • She performed an impromptu freestyle on On The Radar Radio.
  • She was in YouTube videos of YouTube stars like Noticuz, Buba100x, etc.
  • She is currently in the Bronx, NY.
  • She is more attracted to women than males.
  • Her top artists she would like to work with include Cardi B, and Kay Flock.
  • She uploads stunning images on her Instagram profile (murdab64), which has over 150k followers.
  • There is a tattoo on her right forearm.

FAQs on Murda B

Who is Murda B?

Murda B is an afro-drill rapper, TikTok actor, and social media influencer located in the Bronx.

What is the age of Murda B?

She is 19 years old as she was born in October 2004.

What is the real Name of Murda B?


What is the height of Murda B?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

What is Murda B’s wealth?

$250,000 (estimated).

Murda B (rapper) Age, Real Name, Height, Net Worth, Wiki & Bio (2024)
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