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Don’t Say Yuck!

What is the main idea of this story?Insects are an important source of food.
What reason does the author give to support the statement “insects are healthierInsects have more protein and less fat than meat.
Which statement is true?Earth has more insects than people.
What does the word “raise” mean in this sentence?Cause to grow.
The story says, “By eating insects, you can help people get food.” How would thisLand used for animal feed could be used to grow food for people.
These parts of the story support which of the followingBread has been eaten by cultures throughout history.
What does the author mean by this?There are many different ways to cook insects.
A person raises insects so she can eat them. Why would she feed the insectsTo improve the taste of the insect.
In years to come, what will most likely cause an increase in the number of peopleA growing population will need new sources of food.
Based on what you have read in this story, what do you know aboutIt is harmful to people and birds if eaten.

Bigger, Better, Faster, More

What is the main idea of this text?The engineering used to build some of the largest man-made structures.
Burj Khalifa is the name ofa building.
Why is the Y­shaped design of the Burj Khalifa important?It helps spread out the building’s weight and provides support.
The glass windows used in the Burj Khalifa are specially made and designed tohold up through powerful desert sand storms.
Why is air quality such a major issue in the Laerdal Tunnel?The tunnel can quickly fill with dangerous gas given off by cars.
Studies have shown that people who drive in long tunnels can get so bored that they fall asleep. What features in the Laerdal TunnelCaverns that are specially lit to give the appearance of driving into daylight.
Based on how it is used in this part of the text, a “pillar” isa part of a structure that holds up something else.
Reread these two excerpts from the text. How was the construction of the Laerdal Tunnel andBoth were built using computers to calculate exact measurements.
Which of these statements about the premade sections used in the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is correct?The sections were made before construction on the bridge began.
At the end of this piece, the author’s tone suggests thatnew structures will eventually be made that will be larger than the ones mentioned in the text.

The Lottery Ticket

Another title for this story could beMoney Changes Everything.
As the story begins, the author lets the reader know that the Ivan Dmitritchlives a comfortable, middle-class life.
Which is true about Ivan?He did not play the lottery.
Based on this part of the text, what is Ivan’s opinion of the lottery?He thought it was a waste of time and money.
After viewing the ticket series in the newspaper, why does Ivan hesitate to find out if the ticket’s number is also printed in the newspaper?He wants to keep the feeling of excitement and anticipation going.
Ivan’s daydream about how his life will change after winning the lottery begins to turn unpleasant whenhe begins to think about gray skies and rain ruining.
When his wife mentions she would like to travel abroad with him, what is Ivan’s reaction?He begins to think about his wife traveling, which makes him upset.
Ivan sees his relatives asreptiles.
Ivan becomes bitter when he thinks thathis wife may not share the winnings with him since the tickets belong to her.
The author wrote this story most likely to get readers to think about what powerful force?greed.

The Mouse

  1. What is the main idea of this story? Answer: It does not take much for a small problem to become a big one.
  2. From what you have read, how can Theodoric best be described? Answer: He likes cleanliness and order.
  3. In this part of the story, who is “the rightful occupant of the clothes”? Answer: Theodoric.
  4. At what point did Theodoric finally decide to undress? Answer: After the mouse began to bite him.
  5. According to the story, what made the sleeping woman wake up? Answer: She heard the blanket fall to the floor.
  6. Once she was awake, what was odd about the woman’s reaction to Theodoric? Answer: She stared at Theodoric instead of calling the porter.
  7. Theodoric told the woman that he believed he was sick with malaria because he did not want the woman to Answer: know the truth.
  8. This part of the story gives the idea that Theodoric is acting like Answer: a deer running for its life.
  9. Why does the woman think Theodoric’s situation is funny? Answer: She knows that he doesn’t realize that she is blind.
  10. Why would the author write a story like this? Answer: to entertain.


  1. Accept: to receive.
  2. Copper: a reddish-brown metal.
  3. Hire: to give someone a job.
  4. Opposite: very different from.
  5. Responsible: trustworthy; reliable.
  6. Acid: a substance that increases the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution.
  7. Correct: right.
  8. Host: someone who throws a party, entertains others in their home.
  9. Ordinary: with no special or distinctive features; normal.
  10. Revolve: to go around something in a circle; to turn around in a circle.
  11. Active: taking action; full of movement.
  12. Couple: to join, unite.
  13. Illness: state of being sick.
  14. Organize: arrange or put in order.
  15. Royal: of or relating to a king or queen.

To Build A Fire

Tom did not realize how dangerous the freezing cold could be untilhe took off his glove to get his sandwich.
Read this excerpt from the story. What does the phrase “mastering the elements” mean?He believed he was stronger than nature.
From what you have read, if Tom had been older and had more experience with traveling in the Yukon, it is likely that he

The Tale of Sir Ivaine

This story is a legend. A legend is a tale that is handed down from earlier times and often includes a lesson. Based on this information and what you have read, what is the main idea of this tale?to show the importance of honorable behavior
The root of the word “fickle” comes from an old word that means “to be false” or “to be moveable.” Based on this root and how it is used in the story, what does the word “fickle” mean?likely to change
The knowledge that Sir Ivaine is “fickle…and sometimes forgetful” is important because it gives the idea that he will, at some point,act in a careless way.
In literature, elements from the natural world are often used to reflect powerful human feelings. Which of the following is an example of this?“Then a great storm of wind and rain arose,” he continued. When the storm was at its height, the Black Knight rode up and began to attack me.””
What does the animal shown in this picture have to do with the tale?Sir Ivaine saved a lion that was almost killed by a serpent.
Legends often use animals to show the kind of behavior that is admired in humans. What behavior does the lion show?loyalty
Why is Sir Ivaine so sure that he will keep his promise to his wife?because he loves her
At what point did Sir Ivaine “lose his senses”?after he realized he broke his promise
What event caused Sir Ivaine to think clearly?His wife forgave him.
Based on what you know of Sir Ivaine’s character, what would most likely have happened if he hadn’t met and married the noble lady?He would not have learned to keep his promises.

The Giant Builder

A myth is a traditional story that is often used to explain something. What is being explained in this myth?how trouble began in the world
Sometimes in literature, a character is called by his or her title instead of by name. This kind of writing is called “synecdoche.” Which sentences from the story give an example of this?Odin’s house was built of gold and set in the midst of a wood. For the safety of AllFather, it was surrounded by a roaring river and high picket fence.
What does the name “Valhalla” mean?“Hall of Heroes”
The root of the word “narrow” comes from an old word that means “small” or “near.”Based on this root and how it is used in the story, what does the word “narrowly” mean?closely
Why were the gods doubtful about agreeing to the stranger’s price to build the fortress?They were afraid they might lose Freia, the Sun, and the Moon.
Which sentence from the story gives the idea that the stranger may be more than just a human man?Ans: “His strength seemed as the strength of 100 men.”
What animal was the stranger’s “four-footed friend”?his horse
Odin is upset with Loki mostly becauseit was Loki’s use of trickery that put the city in danger.
How do these two parts of the text work together?They both show how different characters try to trick others.
How was the item shown in this picture used by one of the gods in the myth?Thor used an item like this to defeat the giant.

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Q. What is another good title for this story? Answer: “The History of Chocolate”
Q. The author writes that life would be “a whole lot less sweet” without chocolate, because chocolate is sweet. What else does the phrase mean? Answer: Life would be less enjoyable.
Q. Why do people think the Aztecs were the first to drink chocolate? Answer: Scientists found traces of chocolate in cups from the Aztec period.
Q. How does this map help illustrate the story? Answer: It shows where the people who discovered chocolate lived.
Q. What steps were involved in making the drink called “bitter water”? Answer: First the beans were cooked, then they were crushed, and then they were mixed with water.
Q. What was the likely effect of the caffeine in Answer: chocolate? It boosted people’s energy.
Q. What does the word “fortunate” mean in this part of the story? Answer: wealthy.
Q. The author states, “These days, most chocolate isn’t healthful or sustaining.” Which detail supports this statement? Answer: Many factories churn out treats that have very little cacao and a lot of sugar.
Q. One of these paragraphs is from the story you just read, and one is from another story. How are the two alike or different? Answer: One is nonfiction, and the other is fiction.
Q. Why does the author write, “If I can have your chocolate bar, that’s even better”? Answer: The author loves chocolate.

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