Return To Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough (2024)

Mission Three - Weapons of VengenacePart 1 - Forest Compound

When they say be silent, they are not kidding! I think this is the single hardest level in the game. The order in which you eliminate your opponents is very important.

At the first building, hide behind the stone wall. Get the guard as he walks by the side of the building. Go around to the other side and get the one by the door. Then go inside for the third one. Go across the lake to get resources, under the parachute in the tree.

Avoid wire mesh canopies like the one by this building. They are sound detectors.

At the next building, hide behind the stone wall and get the guard outside the same way, as he walks by. Go inside and get the other one; he will be facing the record player with his back to you.

Do not go near the bridge or the river. Go behind the wagon and the stone fence so the tower guard on this side of the river does not see you. When you get to the tunnel, turn left and proceed up the hill. Go along the ridge and stay close to the foot of the hills. Follow the ridge to the back of a guard tower. This will be the guard tower on the opposite side of the river from the two buildings you've already been to.

Stay under the tower and look over the hill to see what the two guards on the bridge are doing. Don't let them see you. When one guard starts across the bridge, go quickly up and kill the guard in the tower. Then quickly come back down, go toward the river, and kill the other guards before either can get to the alarm box by the bridge.

Go to the other guard tower and get the guard in it. This should not be too hard.

Go to the tunnel you can see from the bridge. There are two guards at the other end of it, talking about deliveries. You think you want to get them, but don't. Sneak into the tunnel while they're talking and enter a door to the right, about in the middle of the tunnel.

Go through the passage, climb up the ladder and go over the hill to a stone fence. Make sure you're not seen (I stay a little to the right) and hide behind the stone wall. An officer and a guard are talking. When they stop, wait about five seconds, then run inside the wall and kill the officer, who is standing by a machine gun. Next, go up in the tower right beside on the same hill and get the guard. Then turn your back to the guard tower, and go get the soldier who is walking away toward the hills.

Then, going the same direction the soldier was walking, veer to the right until you find resources. There will be health, a tommy gun and a snooper rifle. The snooper rifle is especially important. You cannot complete the mission without it.

Hide behind the stone wall again, on the side opposite the machine gun. From here you can get the two guards back by the tunnel, with the snooper. Then look toward the compound entrance. See if there is a tower guard, and if he's paying attention. See where the sentry by the compound entrance is. Sometimes he wanders up almost to the guard tower by the machine gun. Use the snooper and your binoculars, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Something that is very helpful is the scope on the snooper rifle, which is activated by pushing Z. Reload the game as needed.

When you can, enter the compound. Sometimes you can enter the front gate and make a run for the truck. From the gate go to the right along the compound wall, behind the generators, until you get to the pavilion with lots of boxes. The truck is parked at the other end of the pavilion. There is one guard; shoot him and get in the back of the truck.

Another way is to go to the left of the front gate and to the end of the wall, where there is a window you can climb into. Go into the next room and get the soldier there. You will also probably have to come back into the first room and shoot the tower guard from there with the snooper. Go out the door. Climb on some boxes by the inner gate and shoot the guard posted over the front gate, if necessary. There is an officer inside a small wooden building near the pavilion, who you may also have to get.

One last thing is important--save sparingly. Wait several seconds before saving to make sure an alarm is not about to go off. If you save just before an alarm goes off, you're screwed.

Exit--The truck is the exit, and it is parked to the right of the compound entrance, next to a pavilion with a large number of boxes. Also nearby are a small wooden building and three generators, which sit next to the outer wall of the compound. You can hear the truck running as you approach. The objective is to get into the back of the truck without an alarm sounding. Once you decide to get on the truck, go, go, go! Make a run for it!

Secrets: 1

When you get into the compound, there is a large building at the back of the compound. It has two big gray doors and a small green door. There is a secret area inside. You'll notice a flat structure on its roof. Go to the inner gate, opposite the building, (not the one with the last guard!) and climb up on some boxes. Walk along the wall to your right, turn right again, and jump onto the roof of the building that had one guard and a mauser rifle. Walk along the roof until you come to a cable that connects this building with the one you want to enter. Walk along the cable and jump onto the roof of the large building. This is easier than it sounds; the run function will help you jump more effectively. Climb the roof to the flat area on top and jump through the hole there. Exit carefully through the green door (don't let the last guard see you).

Part 2 - Rocket Base

The objective is to blow up the V2 rocket. When you arrive from the forest compound, you are in the back of the truck in a warehouse. Get out of the truck and stay behind it. Look across the warehouse and you will see a crate of fuel on a crane. Run and hide in it when you get a chance, while the rocket test is going on. Once inside, the crane will lower you onto a train which is going near the site of the rocket test. Stay in the crate and ride the train. Face the open side of the crate all the way.

You can also skip the crane ride and fight your way to the elevator, which is to the right past the medical room. You'll still arrive at the lower level with the train. But riding in the crate saves ammo and health because there will be several soldiers you won't have to confront.

When you arrive at the elevator, get off. At this point you will only have about two minutes to abort the rocket launch, so move quickly. There will be a technician and two guards. Ride the elevator up to the next level, where three soldiers are standing by a fuel tank. Shoot the tank and it will blow up. To your right there is a ladder, and health to the left. (Get the health before you leave this area). Climb the ladder and turn right; get the one guard outside the door. Go in the door, where there are three more men, and then through the next door where threre are three or four more. The abort button is straight ahead and slightly to the left, and it's a red button on a gray panel. Push it right away!

Go back down the ladder and through the doors to your right. There are a lot of soldiers, and you won't have much cover. I like to run back up the ladder and lure some of them into an ambush. Go past the destroyed rocket and through a series of tunnels and bridges. There are a lot of soldiers here, too. Go down a stairway and cross one more bridge. Just around the corner there is health, grenades and a helmet in a room to the right with bars.

Continue on. Just around the next corner there is a bridge the soldiers are in the process of blowing up. The charge will go off, and the bridge will be dangling just enough for you to cross. Hurry!

Continue on into a room with one soldier and bulletin boards. Go through it and into the hall. Now you can see the warehouse straight ahead. While still in the hall, go in the door to your left. There are soldiers in this room, too. There is a stairway. Go up it and eliminate all the soldiers.

Go back down and into the hall from which you entered. Go toward the warehouse and to the left. Make one more left and you'll see a door on the right. This is a medical room and has health; but it also has two soldiers. Continue past the medical room and to the left, and you'll come to the elevator that will take you to the train.

Exit--Go back to the room with the stairway. Go up it and to the far end of the room, where there is a door. When you step out the door, you'll be on a catwalk. Go right, make a left on the catwalk and follow it to the end where there's a grate. Kick the grate and enter; this is the exit. (You'll be above the warehouse, and almost right above the truck).

Secrets: 1

For the secret, go to PlanetWolfenstein and click on the link 'separate secrets guide' in the text in the big gray box.

Part 3 - Radar Installation

The objective is to blow up the radar works. Jump out of the duct and into the road. Follow the road around to the radar installation. There are resources in the wooden building, the first building on your right. There will be three or four guards in this area. Go into the first building on the left and eliminate the guard there so he doesn't come up behind you later.

Where the road curves, you'll see a stairway outside on that same building. Go up it and into the room. Soon a whole lot of soldiers will storm the building, but you can easily take care of them with the machine gun there.

Continue down the road, picking off the sentries overhead. Where the road curves again, near a large spotlight, there are three doors, one near on the left and two farther away on the right and left. There are a lot of soldiers here, but there is a machine gun near the first door on the left. There are resources behind the first door on the left and the one on the right.

Follow the road around to a stairway on the right; the road ends here. There are two guards on the stairway. Go up the stairs and into the second door you see. (The first door has a secret). Go down the corridor and out the next door; there are four soldiers in this area. When you go through this door you'll find yourself outside in a sort of octagonal area. There is a door nearby to the left and another door farther away to the right. Go in the near door. Go to the left and down the stairs. There is a soldier at the bottom around a corner. At the bottom of the stairs you'll see two chainlink doors. Go in the one on the right and get the dynamite off a shelf at the far end of the room.

Go back up the stairs and to the left. Go past another door (this one has food) and through the corridor, keeping left until you come to another door. Go through it and you'll find yourself outside, and overhead where the sentries were. Now you'll see two doors, one on the left and one more or less straight ahead. Go in the one on the left and throw your dynamite. (One will do; you can save the rest). Hurry out of there and find cover! A few seconds later you'll hear a huge bang. You've blown up the radar works!

Now go into the other door in this area. (First two soliers will come out of it). Go into another door on the left and look to the right for a ladder going down a sort of large conduit. There are two soldiers at the bottom of it. When able, go down the ladder. Turn left. There will be a door straight ahead and a door to the left. The door straight ahead leads back into the area with the large spotlight, curve in the road, and three doors.

Exit--The exit is the door on the left. Go through it and through the next door. There is a fan to the left of the last door before the exit.

Secrets: 1

Go up the stairs at the end of the road, to the upper level where the radar is. Go in the first door on the right. At the far end of the room there is a grate in the floor. Kick it and jump down the duct. You will enter a room with ammo, a mauser and a panzerfaust. Exit through the chainlink door.

Part 4 - Air Base Assault

You have many options for taking on the air base. You can run down the hill and fight your way into the hangars one at a time. I like to go to the top of the first hangar. There's a grate at the base of the tower, which you can kick in, and then jump down inside the hangar. Go to the top of the tower and eliminate the guards there first, or they will be trouble later.

Once inside the hangar, go out the first door. To your left is a guard. The remaining guards are through the next door, to the right, in the main area of the hangar. When you are ready to leave, you'll have to fight a large number of guards outside. I like to lure them to the outer door, and get them in the doorway.

Now you can go to the next two hangars on your left. But I like to run across the air field to the tower--this is to your right from the hangar's outer door, and by a large closed gate. I think this is safer. Several soldiers from the two hangars will storm the tower, usually in two waves. You can get them with grenades and firearms.

If you prefer to go to the hangars and fight, there is health, dynamite and a panzerfaust in the first one, and health in the second one.

While in the tower, pull the lever to open the large gate so you can enter the building where the Kobra is kept.

The object is to prep and fly the Kobra. As you approach the building inside the large gate, there is a soldier with a panzerfaust. Enter the storage area, where there are three soldiers. Go up the stairs and follow the walkway to the door. Enter and go up the stairs. Go to the right. Go through the next two doors and outside to the platform.

Paratroopers will be dropping down. Shoot the one who lands on the platform, and take the paratrooper rifle he has. Climb up the three ladders and follow the walkway to the door. Go in and down the hall; watch for a guard behind some boxes. There is a red wheel to your left. Touch it until it spins and a bell rings. This is the first step in activating the Kobra.

Go back down the three ladders. Guards will be storming your position. You can hear them coming up the stairs and through the halls. I like to wait until they atart up the first ladder and get them there, on the ladder.

Go back into the building and into the first door on your right. There are two red levers. Pull the one on the left. This will move the Kobra into position. Go back into the hall and enter the door at the end of the hall. Go to the far end of the room and to the right, and you'll see the Kobra through a window. When the Kobra has finished moving into position (you'll know because it will make a clunking noise and then be quiet) pull the red lever in front of it. The red lever will not move until the Kobra is in position. Go back out into the hall. There are three soldiers in the hall and one on the stairs landing. Go up the stairs and into the door on the right. There are four technicians with handguns in the room. At the far end of the room on the right, you'll see the Kobra again. Push the red button to the right of it, and then you can board and fly it.

Secrets: 0

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough (2024)
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