Where to Find Premium Seating at Hard Rock Stadium (2024)

Thank you for visiting TicketIQ’s Hard Rock Stadium Premium Seating blog post. Hard Rock Stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins and is home every year to the Orange Bowl & Miami Open tennis tournament. Plus, the stadium hosts the Miami Hurricanes.

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If you’d like to find premium seating at Hard Rock Stadium, you have plenty of options.

The 72 Club is located on the home sideline at the 50 yard line in the lower level. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable places to sit in the entire stadium. Sections 145 and 147, known as the Living Room Boxes, hold private boxes that each contain a TV monitor, 4 extra large seats, a private table ledge, and cabinets. These tickets also include complimentary wait service and free food & beverage (incl. beer, wine, and spirits). There is a central lounge right at the bottom of the 72 Club sections, right by the field. These sections are available for all football games, as well as concerts. For Hurricanes games, the club is referred to as the Golden Cane Club. 72 Club tickets are available on TicketIQ. For more information overall on this premium seating area, check out the Hard Rock Stadium Website. And finally, HERE’S some fan video from the 72 Club, so you can see what the seat view is like.

The Club Level at Hard Rock Stadium includes the entire 200 level. Each section in the 200’s has 10 or less rows (with a few exceptions) plus club access in the back. The club itself is an air-conditioned space with plenty of televisions, nice furniture, and great food options. Fans in sections 203-205 on the club level also have access to the Club LIV Lounge, a space which mimics the feel of a nightclub. There are numerous dance floors, a full bar, etc.. It truly feels like a South Beach club. Plus, the seats themselves in the sections are extra comfortable and padded. All Club Level tickets for Dolphins games can be found on TicketIQ.

East and West Field Club seating at Hard Rock Stadium is the closest you can get to the game action as a fan. Located behind each respective end-zone on the field level, field club boxes include recliner style seats, tables for each person, plus access to a private lounge. This lounge has complimentary food and beverage (incl. beer and wine), private restrooms, and even a private entrance. The only difference between the East and West Club sections really is that the West club has great views of the Dolphins locker room. Orange Bowl tickets are available now on TicketIQ for each.For Dolphins games and inquiries on availability for non-football events, look on the Hard Rock Stadium website. Here you’ll also find more information on the premium sections.

The LIFEWTR Lounge at Hard Rock Stadium can be found above the southeast end-zone. The club contains three suites, M31-M33. Each suite can hold 48 fans and includes amenities such as these for Dolphins games: preferred parking passes plus a vast buffet with free drinks (beer, wine, and LIFEWTR). Tickets can not be found on TicketIQ, so go through the stadium or team website for any inquiries.

The North Sideline Club at Hard Rock Stadium is located at midfield between the 30 yard lines (rows 117-119) in the lower level directly behind the bench of the visiting team. Ticket Holders are treated to nice padded seats and great sights of the action. Plus, fans in these seats get free access to the North Sideline Club Lounge, which provides a classic lounge atmosphere with excellent food/beverage available to buy, numerous full bars, televisions, etc.. This is an extremely popular location for people to hangout before and during the game. Tickets are available now on TicketIQ.

For information on Private Club Suites at Hard Rock Stadium, check out the ‘Suites Experience’ tab on the Hard Rock Stadium Website. To purchase a Suite you must go through the stadium directly, which you can set up there too.

Where to Find Premium Seating at Hard Rock Stadium (2024)
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